Authentic Collaboration Space

Understanding, Creating & Sustaining

Diversity, Trust & Innovation

Collaboration & Communication



ACS-Research presents The Authentic Collaboration Space (“ACS”) Project. A new breed of applied research and development on human productivity. Developed using a unique combination of applied scientific research methodologies within a crowd-driven testing and development framework - a completely new approach toward addressing human-to-human collaboration and communication was born.

Void of any one particular cultural influence,  together we discovered

the “DNA” of Interpersonal Collaboration and Communication.

Because our own identity is so fragile and sensitive, the ACS Project was designed to be very easy and fun for everyone. The project guides people, regardless of their background, through an experimental open think-tank process that identifies and tests elements needed for humans to productively collaborate and effectively communicate together.

Since 2009, ACS contributors and partners from all over the world have identified thousands of possible topics. To date, 121 topics have been deemed to have enough collective significance. Each of the topics are experimentally tested and examined over and over again until a clear meaning and position has been determined. This means that the 121 topics have been put into a unique learning and practice order, and have been examined so much that we know approximately how much people need to learn each topic successfully.

The world’s first and only culturally-neutral collaboration learning system designed and developed by non-experts - by regular people wanting to make teamwork effective, enjoyable and productive.