Authentic Collaboration Space

Understanding, Creating & Sustaining

Diversity, Trust & Innovation

Collaboration & Communication



Costs of Doing Business

Meetings, Correspondence, Projects and Reports - transactions made between people produce costs to the organization. Working together poses countless problems and challenges. Today, last night, yesterday, anytime - we miscommunicate, we understand imprecisely, we judge inaccurately - this happens to people all the time.

The consequences: delays, lost deals, breakups, lawsuits and even accidents.

What are the real costs of doing business?

What can we do to lower this collaborative friction?

Authentic Collaboration Space

Imagine working with people from any walk of life.

People motivated by understanding, respect and patience.

The learning approach was created based on the common elements of 97 cultures.

In only 53 hours of interactive learning, you too can enjoy a fuller life with meaning and clarity.

Immediate and Lasting Business Benefits

  1. Improves revenues, sales, supply chains, reporting, compliance and relationships, etc.

  2. Reduces conflicts, accidents, waste, time-to-market, etc.

  3. Companies find it easier to understand problems finding solutions faster

  4. Employees find it easier to work together

  5. Headquarter departments find it easier to engage foreign stakeholders

  6. Reduces employee resistance during Transformation, Post-Merger Integration and Change Projects

Collaboration Time Improvement

ACS team members understand and acknowledge this going into the project. They are capable of taking regularly-planned, pro-active steps to manage issues in the form of best-practice sharing sessions. Throughout the project, team members get along very well and are happy to work together again on future projects.

ROI of the ACS Preparation is already attained after 10 weeks. 

ACS offers up to a 778% increase in collaboration and communication productivity.